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Album - Clemson Vs LSU

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Score: 12-6
Location: Tuscaloosa, Al

Chris Bandy, Joe Bobeck, Mike "Metal" Piquette, Tom "Buddha" Brault, Jeff "Cowboy" Matheson, Luke "Straightjacket" Jackson, Chris "Ironhead" Bandy, Tom Philip, Keith "Candyman" Barker, Scott Milton, Steve Lent, Todd Little, John Drosnock, Merv Kurl, Mike McGovern, Tres Howland, Mike Piquette, Tom Brault, Luke Jackson, Jeff Matheson, Neal Beaman, Steve Lucas, Matt Campbell, Tom Phillip, Hany Demian, Joe Bobek, Keith Barker, Bill Fredo, Dave Bliss, Chris Leinster, Scott Phillips, Michael Piquette

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