Supporter: Jonathan Mullikin

Jonathan Mullikin

As past club president and former Clemson rugby foundation board member Clemson rugby has been an important part of my life since the first time I walked on the pitch. When I look back rugby has been a major impact on almost every major event in my life. From connecting me with my first career opportunity, to world travel, and making life long family(not just friends). This is why it is important to me to continue to support the club through the foundation. Not only do I want to see the club have to opportunity to compete and represent Clemson at the highest level, but I also want to ensure that the current Clemson ruggers have the opportunity to make the relationships, memories, and gain the experience I did while at Clemson.

"When I look back rugby has been a major impact on almost every major event in my life"

Jonathan Mullikin

Without the efforts of the foundation the club wouldn't have a coach, field, and more recent sufficient funds to travel. As alumni it is more important than ever that we support the club and the foundation to ensure Clemson rugby will always have a place on campus.

I encourage all CURFC alumni to support the foundation at whatever level you can so that we will continue to grow the legacy of Clemson Rugby and grow our family of alumni. We just celebrated the first 50 years of the club last year and if we as alumni want to do our part to ensure the next generation can celebrate the club's 75th and 100th anniversaries please consider making a donation today. Lastly if you aren't sure what your donation is supporting please reach out to a current board member. Thank you for everything Clemson RFC.

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