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Colton Thompson

I played just about every position on the pitch except for Prop and Hooker during my time on the team from 2005 to 2008 but spent most of my time in the backline. Especially in my first few years, I had a bit of an arrogant streak and often referred to myself as "New Hotness" or "ATH" (football recruiting reference) towards some of the veterans. As I look back with a slightly more mature perspective, all the position changes meant that I was good (read serviceable) at many positions but not great at any particular one. During my time on the team we had immense success making it to the Sweet 16 in 2006 and 2007 as well as some rocky times in 2008. Despite my best efforts to stay in school, I graduated in December of 2009 and took a job in in IT Consulting in Atlanta in where I have lived since. I met my wife here and have stayed in the IT field while working with mostly automotive companies in the Atlanta area.

"My desire to donate to the team is rooted in the "pass it back" mentality in that others sacrificed time and money to ensure that I could learn to love this great game of rugby."

Colton Thompson

I started donating to the Foundation as soon as it become economically feasible for me after graduation. My desire to donate to the team is rooted in the "pass it back" mentality in that others sacrificed time and money to ensure that I could learn to love this great game of rugby. I would be remiss if I didn't call out my coach Wright Henry, as he was exceedingly generous with his time and his patience with a group of rambunctious ruggers while operating a business and balancing family life. Playing for the CURFC was one of the great joys of my life and it happened at a very impressionable time of my life and allow me to make some of my most trusting and long-lasting friendships that I have in my life. It continues to amaze and scare me how all of us pick right back up where we left off when we see each other. I've told many people that I did not fully appreciate the experience while going through it and truthfully, took it granted. Only when reflecting on those experiences a few years later did I realize the impact it had on me.

My desire is that my donations enable the team to make those same bonds I made playing this great game and while they are at it, competing at a high level. A bonus would be for each class to continue on the "pass it back" tradition upon graduation. All the things that the foundation is doing to support the team from providing coaching, scholarships, and generally keeping the club going are critical to the ongoing success of the club. Looking back on the 50th Anniversary in the spring of 2017, I can't help but be moved by the way this club, this game and the experiences shared have enriched so many lives. I encourage all who played before me, with me, and after me to recall those experiences and do their part to make that possible for the current team. Participate in the alumni events, tell your teammates to get involved and donate. In short, I can't think of a more direct way to support a group or cause that I so clearly benefited from myself.

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