Clemson Rugby Club - Photo Archive Upload FAQ

One of the goals of the Foundation is to help preserve the history of the club. The Foundation hopes to be able to record tours, events, photographs and more. With each new generation of player's we have the opportunity to create a link to the players before them and share the pride of being a part of Clemson Rugby. The Foundation as created the photo archive hoping to capture pictures from every year the club has existed.

There are multiple ways that you can contribute pictures to the photo archive as listed below.

1) The website provides features to enable you to create individual albums and upload pictures at your own pace. Photographs can be added to existing albums if you are the creator of the album. To begin uploading pictures to the website visit the link:

Image Upload Form

2) If you have a large collection of pictures please contact James Baxter via email at to make special arrangements. It can be arranged for a large submission of digital pictures or to loan albums for scanning.