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Go Tigers!

Clemson Rugby is back at it, chasing down another Atlantic Coast Championship for Clemson University! Students at Clemson have taken to the pitch for nearly 50 years to challenge themselves and other universities in a sport deemed different by many. Rugby has become widely accepted as the fasting growing sport in the US and this rapid growth is due to the incredible support by those who don’t play the game. Passionate former players, parents, families and fans have shown across the country that their involvement will have a direct impact on the success of the players, which is not unlike any other sport. The Clemson Rugby Foundation has proven that with your increasing support over the last seven years, the students have continued to take on challenges and put in the work to achieve their goals, making us proud to be Tigers.
Senior Rugger Feedback

Seniors Blake Bowen and Max Simons joined the CRF at our annual Founder's Dinner this spring and shared their thoughts on the impact Clemson Rugby has had on them and how your support is affecting their experience.
Blake a dual threat Prop and Lock from Greenville, SC shared the following. "My experience with Clemson Rugby has enriched the past four years of my life. I've met lifelong friends and have been lucky enough to have a team that has pushed me to become a better person on and off the field. The most gratifying part of this journey has been working every day to improve the team and seeing the results of that work increase year after year.
Every single year this team has become better than the one before. The team has found continued success, especially in the past two years when we fulfilled our goals of winning the ACRL as well as competing in the national tournament. Competing in the Varsity Cup and receiving national attention was something I never imagined would have been possible four years ago.
Our hard work has paid off but I understand that none of these costly projects could have been done without the help and support of the Foundation. Our stories and traditions will always connect us as well as the experiences we have shared with our times associating with Clemson Rugby. Thank you for the support and Go Tigers!"

Max Simons, an explosive Prop from Fort Mill, SC added, "Over my past four years I have been very blessed to have seen our rugby club grow from a bunch of guys playing touch two days a week to a national contending rugby program. We now have a full coaching staff when only four years ago we had one part-time coach. Our program has gone from barely being able to field one side in our matches to now having three different sides competing just about every Saturday. The Clemson Rugby team owes this and much more to the Clemson Rugby Foundation supporters who have done so much in fundraising and in bringing awareness back to Clemson Rugby. I am grateful for everything you all have been able to do so far and look forward to what the future might bring."

Their appreciation and recognition of your support is important. Without your annual support of Clemson Rugby, the team cannot continue to improve and raise the standards every year.
Support these Tigers today!


Clemson Rugby Homecoming 2014 - October 24-26th

Homecoming is a little over a month away and we are building towards our 50th anniversary in 2017. In Clemson Rugby's 47th year we are planning some great events and look forward to many alumni, friends and family joining us throughout the weekend.

10/24 Friday night: Clemson Rugby takes on Kennesaw State University
10/25 Saturday: Tailgate prior to Clemson/Syracuse Football game
10/26 Sunday: Annual Clemson Rugby Alumni Match and BBQ


Fund raising goals for 2014

Team Operations Support: $50,000
Coaching Fund: $100,000
New Rugby Field: $500,000

To reach these challenging goals, we must have the passionate support of alumni, family and friends of Clemson Rugby in every year. In 2013, the CRF raised close to $38,000 to support the team this year. The cost of travel, gear, as well as providing an incredible coaching and athletic training staff has the team costs reaching over $100,000 annually. We responding by increasing our support and have awarded our fourth CRF Scholar Award to Nick Meyer from Long Beach, CA, increased our commitment to player safety through funding a Certified Athletic Trainer and increasing funds available for coaching staff compensation.

Coaching Staff
Competing on the field doesn't stop with the referee's whistle. The preparation for competition by our dedicated coaches shows in the experience that Max and Blake expressed earlier. Wins and losses are too simple a measure of how our coaches have impacted the lives of the students and will continue to do so. Having the right coaches developing our leaders to make great decisions is not something that goes unnoticed and we must preserve our staff by supporting them through our generous financial support of the team. We have incredible coaches, who continue to make us proud to support Clemson Rugby and the students who follow their guidance. The CRF is creating a Coaching Fund to compete with other collegiate rugby programs that are evolving into Athletic Department operations. In order to maintain our staff, this Coaching Fund must reach over $100,000 so that Clemson Rugby can show a long term commitment to the coaches who lead them and prepare them for success on and off the field.
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Giving to the Clemson Rugby Foundation

As our annual contribution goals increase, the CRF has taken steps to create giving options for supporters of Clemson Rugby. Annual giving is critical and the CRF can work with our contributors in planned giving, automatic draft and one time large gifts. In 2013 we increased annual giving by approximately $8,000 and plan to reach our $50,000 goal with your support.

Investment Account

For those interested in taking advantage of tax incentives, the CRF has recently opened an investment account with the generous assistance of Will Phillips '01. Our account with Morgan Stanley, charitably managed by Will's father Bill Phillips, allows the CRF to accept gifts of appreciated securities i.e. stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds. Donating appreciated securities directly to the Clemson Rugby Foundation (rather than selling the assets and then donating the cash proceeds) is one of the best and easiest ways for donors to give more. By taking advantage of the applicable tax incentives, donors can significantly increase the amount of funds available to them for charitable giving. These gifts will remain in this account to grow for future use as directed by the CRF Board of Directors. For more information, please contact Jim Gaine or Ted Chapman, CRF Finance Director.
Contribute today!


Thank you for supporting Clemson Rugby and considering a gift to support the Clemson Rugby Foundation's initiatives in 2014 and long into the future. We hope to see you at a match soon and look forward to sharing the impact of your support in person.



Jim Gaine
Clemson Rugby Foundation, Inc.
Cell: 843-670-0388
Email: jim.gaine@gmail.com
*The Clemson Rugby Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and eligible for corporate matching gifts.    

For any information requests regarding the Foundation please contact us to learn more.

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