Foundation Goals:

The goals of the Clemson Rugby Foundation will include, but not limited to:

  1. Member Development

    1. Coaching - The identification and contracting of a qualified coach to carry out the requirements that have been set by the student members for a coach.

    2. Player Development - The development of student member's on-field skills and athleticism along with building character and work ethic off the field.

    3. Tutoring - Provide professional assistance for member's academic deficiencies when necessary.

    4. Safety - To provide a certified team trainer(s) for all games and practice sessions.

    5. Insurance - To provide insurance that will cover extra expense (i.e. deductibles and uncovered health costs) not covered by a member's personal health insurance policy. (Member's must hold a policy that meets the criteria of the CRF)

    6. Scholarships - To provide financial reward for committed student members for use towards academic expenses.

    7. Representative Play - To provide support to individuals who represent the CURFC at the all levels of representative play.

  2. Club Quality

    1. Facilities - Assistance to acquire or improve upon the current playing field ensuring the safety and proper training of the student members.

    2. Equipment - To augment funding for the purchase of equipment deemed necessary by the players and coach for training and games.

    3. Recruitment - To augment funding for the process to identify and pursue quality high school student athletes deemed necessary by the players and coaches.

  3. Travel

    1. Travel - To augment funding to travel for the purpose of increasing the overall skill of the players and team.

  4. Youth Rugby Support

    1. Philanthropy - To augment funding of local youth rugby initiatives to enhance the presence of the CURFC and the CRF.

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