About The Clemson Rugby Foundation

The Clemson Rugby Foundation was founded in 2007 by dedicated alumni of the Clemson University Rugby Football Club. The Foundation's vision is to ensure the continued positive impact the sport of rugby has on students at Clemson University. It will look to guide and assist the student members of the Clemson University Rugby Football Club in any endeavors or goals the team and the Clemson Rugby Foundation choose to pursue. All endeavors must be constructive and contribute to the positive image of the sport of rugby or to the CURFC's status as a student organization at Clemson University.

The Directors of the Clemson Rugby Foundation have been integral parts of the CURFC as student leaders and continue to lead as respected professionals. Each has enjoyed success on the pitch and each have a broad background in business, law and academia. It is the hope of the Clemson Rugby Foundation to build its membership to include all interested supporters of the CURFC for the benefit of its student members.

Donations and contributions made to the Clemson Rugby Foundation by individuals or organizations are exempt from U.S. Federal and State Tax in accordance with the Foundation's status as a 501(c)3 organization. Foundation assets earmarked for giving are dispersed in the form of grants to individuals and organizations that have demonstrable needs or requests that meet the guidelines established by the Clemson Rugby Foundation.

Contact the foundation :-

  • Phone Number: 864-986-0035

Board of Directors

Jim Gaine, CRF President, '99
Director of Business Development, Design & and Construction, Belimed Inc.
CURFC Coach, President, Treasurer

James Baxter, CRF Director of Membership, Secretary, Webmaster, '98
Connectivity Solutions Engineering Manager, International Paper
CURFC Field Manager and 1st Webmaster

Ted Chapman, CRF Director of Finance, '08
CURFC President

Robert Bortins, Director of Student Development, '06

Open Position, Director of Competitions ,'94