CRF - Schedule for Spring 2017

50th Anniversary Alumni Match

50th Anniversary Banquet

50th Anniversary Coffee Table Book

2017-01-28University of South Carolina48-10Clemson, SC1 PM
2017-02-11Greenville MensGreenville, SC
2017-02-12University of Georgia36-7Greenville, SC10:20 AM
2017-02-12University of Georgia BGreenville, SC10:40 AM
2017-02-12University of South Carolina B31-7Greenville, SC
2017-02-12Furman UniversityGreenville, SC
2017-02-12University of South Carolina 17-12Greenville, SC
2017-02-12University of South Carolina BGreenville, SC
2017-02-18Furman University B12-5Clemson, SC9:30 AM
2017-02-18Wheeling Jesuit UniversityClemson, SC9:50 AM
2017-02-18Virginia TechClemson, SC10:30 AM
2017-02-18University of South Carolina B24-21Clemson, SC10:50 AM
2017-02-18Clemson C Side40-0Clemson, SC12:10 PM
2017-02-18Furman BClemson, SC2:40 PM
2017-02-18Wheeling Jesuit University BClemson, SC3:20 PM
2017-02-18Wheeling Jesuit University14-14Clemson, SC4:00 PM
2017-02-18University of South Carolina BClemson, SC5:00 PM
2017-02-18University of South CarolinaClemson, SC5:20 PM
2017-02-18Furman UniversityClemson, SC2:00 PM
2017-02-19Naval Academy10-15Clemson, SC1:00 PM
2017-02-25Davenport University34-33Clemson, SC
2017-03-02James Madison University43-0Las Vegas, NV8 AM
2017-03-02Montanta State University36-0Las Vegas, NV
2017-03-02Michigan State University33-14Las Vegas, NV
2017-03-03Santa Clara University21-5Las Vegas, NV
2017-03-03Central Washington University19-17Las Vegas, NV
2017-03-04Lindenwood University0-29Las Vegas, NV
2017-03-18Life University12-81Clemson, SC
2017-03-25Arkansas State23-69Clemson, SC
2017-04-01Lindenwood UniversitySt. Charles, MO
2017-04-08Dartmouth University36-29Clemson, SC11:00 AM
2017-04-0950th Anniversary Alumni MatchWClemson, SC12:00 PM
2017-04-15University of California, Berkeley5-71Clemson, SC1 PM